What is the Best Linux Gaming Distro?

Steam OS - Not Your Best choice for best linux gaming distro

There are a few articles on what is the best linux gaming distro. Most of them as of today coming up on the top with a Google search are giving bad information.

Here some example of site giving you Outdated information with article that were supposed to be written recently, there are in my own opinion most likely old articles on which the date was change and the content not updated:

What is wrong with those articles?

They are presenting the Steam OS are the first choice for someone starting on Linux and wanting to find the best Linux Gaming Distro. Steam OS receive its last minor update sometimes in 2019. We are at the end of 2020. This is an eternity in terms of updates. The Steam OS distro is not up-to date anymore and quite some time.

On the other hand, Valve, the producer of Steam gaming platform are working hard on Proton. Here the database of games supported by the Proton software which is available on Steam for any Linux user. You will need to go in your setting to enable the option and a wider range of games will be available to you on your Linux distro.

Then what is the Best Linux Gamin distro?

Starting on Linux, your best choice is to go with a distro (distribution) that is popular and has a large community where you will be able to find all the support that you may need.

The best choice would be:

You should use their LTS or Long Term Support version as these version will contain much less bugs and be more stable for your beginnings on Linux.

Ubuntu is ‘always’ the most used Linux distribution by normal desktop users. Pop!_OS is a slightly different distribution, but is based on Ubuntu and has a version with the NVIDIA drivers already pre-install if this is the type of video card that your computer has.

Here a quick view of how to enable the option on Steam after you installed it on your Linux distro.

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